Sunday, June 1, 2008

Accidental medical device of the month: The Taser

This one is better than the superglue for toothaches covered a few months back. The WSJ Health blog describes the case of policeman who had to tase man while he was in the ER (it's better than it sounds).

Turns out the Taser jolted his heart back into a normal rhythm.
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Combating Cervical Cancer with Cameraphones

This is the start of a small series covering the projects at MIT's D-Lab II, Information and Communications Technologies for Development, or ICT4D short. The results of the semester-long class resulted applications for microfinance, telemedicine, mobile disaster management technoloogies, and rapid pneumonia response systems.

The following is a video highlighting efforts in their project for detection and treatment of cervical cancer.

From their project page
We are developing the process that would facilitate the use of mobile device to transport images taken by nurses at health care centers (point-of-care) in rural Zambia to a server in Lusaka where doctors can access the images in order to provide expert advice on cervical lesions. We would like to explore the use of this approach to facilitate a scalable national cervical cancer screening program. Finally, we would like to design a platform that would allow transfer of the images directly to an electronic medical record database for archiving.