Monday, August 4, 2008

Neat Stuff Round Up

LTDC has been hit or miss lately because the author is working on stuff but not writing enough about it. To make up for it, we'll rely on a massive link drop covering what the health superstars at THD Blog are up to:

Th 60s: We have not succumbed to pollution and chemicals, but Rachel Carson warned us about it. As the Berlin Wall went up, so did the Peace Corps! The CCCP sent Yuri to Space and the USA followed with their own astronaut...and the Foreign Assistance Act was launched.

A comprehensive review of the Global Health Council meeting

A Global Health Video that made the Top 10 List at TED

Mosquirix - A new vaccine for Malaria by Glaxo: $100 Million in R&D, 16,000 children in a trial over 7 countries. The target data for launch is 2011.

Closer to home: MIT's Innovations in Technology, Governance and Globalization is free until August 30th. This is a great journal and I highly recommend it. More importantly, don't miss Aman and Jaspal's Aurolab article found here.

And for the mobilephiles our there a roundup of mobile phones in global health

Another human-powered ambulance

When did this

become this

Medgadget highlights a design from Yanko Design that propels this ambulance by pedal and solar power aimed at resource poor areas.