Friday, December 8, 2006

Cheap is Beautiful

Design that Matters has a wonderful project called the Kinkajou---a low cost microfilm projector intended to help people go to school at night (since many parts of the world require that the work during the day). Their value proposition is amazing. They took a creative approach to building the device, and of course, a major requirement was price. The result is a a projector that currently costs around $200 but if enough units are produced, they aim to lower that to around $50.

Our own little device that could, the SafePilot, was able to replicate the same model. The assistive device for the blind creates similiar features that a laser cane (retail price $250) provides, but for a lot less $$$. Price is not yet set, but we're hoping for a sub-$100 model in 2007. Stay tuned.

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