Thursday, May 17, 2007

Debate: The "Business" of Eradicating Disease

Social Entrepreneurship:
The "Business" of Eradicating Disease
May 16, MIT

The MIT Biomedical Engineering Society hosted a debate between 6 thought leaders in Venture Capital, Public Policy, Intellectual Property, Diagnostic Devices, Global Health Relief, and Pharmaceuticals.

It was a lively discussion, extended at LTDC Conferences and Lectures if you are interested.

Exciting points and questions raised were:
  • Addressing the co-dependency of Medical Delivery, Affordability, and Drug Discovery.
  • Common myths about Big Pharma (nicer than they are given credit for)
  • The unsustainability of American health product subsidies (we pay more) towards developing countries (they don't pay their share).
  • A $100 billion prize for an Alzheimers blockbuster in exchange for licensing?
  • The conversion of fractured markets to rational markets. Where is the tipping point? Can you find it? Can you drive it?
  • The coming age of real and profitable market opportunities in the developing world health markets.
  • Redefining markets so patent holders can use them as a viable tool, not as a punching bag
  • Finding the right technology, but more importantly---timing it
  • If the Global Sales Opp/Product Dev <>
  • Doctors in global public health taking on implementation science: The need to re-engineer the "global health product" from its failed business practices in global
  • Encouraging single-use products aimed at developing world, not just trickle down dual-use technologies: Where's the funding? Where's the vision?

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