Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Oral-lyn: Insulin inhaler

Everyone has heard of Exhubera by now and its huge dry powder inhaler. Other companies are working in similar systems. Oral-lyn is being developed by Generex and comes in an asthma inhaler form factor. It is mist as opposed to a dry powder, which makes it easier to inhale for most people.

You can buy it Ecuador! Yay!

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Jason said...

Oral-lyn is NOT NOT NOT designed to be inhaled, and should not be compared to Exubera at all! In fact, Generex's Oral-lyn delivers the insulin in a fine mist which is actually absorbed through the lining of the mouth. NOT inhaled at all! In this way, it will be vastly superior to the inhaled products, as there will be *NO* respiratory side effects.

Just wanted to make the clarification, as this point seems to get confused by people.