Sunday, September 2, 2007

PolyTherics makes generics using fancy molecular footwork

I covered this a while back and Business 2.0 has landed an interview with Dr. Sunil Shaunak, developer of a system to modify the molecular structure of a drug to produce a generic counterpart.

His attitude is certainly very much in line with our beliefs
"What you conventionally do, at the moment, is you make the medicine and test it in Europe and North America, where you have high profit margins, and as prices come down it eventually becomes available in poorer parts of the world," he says. "We've turned the model upside down and said, 'Let's make it available first to the masses and then optimize what we've learned for the rich.'"
The patent liability issues are still out there it will be interesting how his company, Polytherics, navigates the litigation.

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