Sunday, October 19, 2008

Seen and Heard

Another cool conference (or unconference) that I am missing: the first Open Sustainability Network unconference. Appropedia's Lonny Grafman told me about it and I'm sure they've come up with some great stuff over the last two days.

Technology, Health and Development Blog has a great article on the future of M-money.

Wired has a great wiki on how to take microscopic photos using a digital camera.

According to the PSD Blog, Gartner has some ideas on the future of microinsurance, the scheme that aims to create a new insurance segment at affordable prices. We may finally be able to get a reimbursement code for those agricultural prosthetics.

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Chriswaterguy said...

Thanks for the mention of the Open Sustainability Network Camp!

I remember hearing of microinsurance on the Devfinance list in the late 90s. Has it not made a big dent in the market yet?