Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Off-roading to save babies!

The "car parts incubator", a project of our colleague - Dr. Kris Olson - was featured in the New York Times. Kris was also the subject of a Boston Globe profile describing his other projects. 

This is a neo-natal incubator built entirely from parts scavenged from an automobile. The prototype featured here used parts from a Toyata4Runner.

One of the important learnings here is that the best way to sustainably implement technology-based solutions in the developing world is to include durable mechanisms of distribution and local technical support, very early in the design and development process.   

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Lestat™ said...

I think this invention used Acid etching to fabricated metals well. Similar to Auto shop tools, this technology of forming auto-mechanicals defines greatly on the intention of the design/blueprint.