Friday, January 19, 2007

Global Health technologies at Northwestern

It appears that Professor David Kelso and Professor Matt Glucksberg had a vision to engineer devices specifically with the developing world in mind, way before Jose and myself :)

From the Univ of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Fall 2006 Bioengineering Series
Most medical devices have been designed for industrialized, high-income countries, and as a result, are not affordable in the developing world where per capita healthcare expenditures are less than $100 a year. The high cost of these devices is not inevitable; it is simply the result of decisions made by the design team in addressing the needs of their stakeholders. Given a different target market and set of user requirements, more affordable devices could be designed with available technologies.
Read more about what the Center for Innovation in Global Health Technologies (CIGHT)is doing here

We're inspired by people like Dave Kelso and we hope that more elite engineering schools will take the lead in developing appropriate medical technologies to improve health outcomes in the developing world.

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jose said...

Yes, for those of you with problems giving away money, rest assured Abhi and I are also inspired by $4.9M