Sunday, January 21, 2007

Jiva Health and Teledoc

In keeping with our theme today, here is an interesting link to Jiva doc, an enterprise based in India and bringing affordable health to people in rural areas.

TeleDoc—a Jiva Health initiative, funded by the Soros Foundation, which seeks to bridge this critical gap between rural populations and quality health services by using Java-enabled mobile telephones to provide village-based healthcare workers with real-time ability to record and transmit diagnostic information.

Jiva’s expert panel of doctors analyzes this data, and then prescribes medication and treatment. Medicines are compounded at a regional office, picked up by TeleDoc field workers, and delivered to rural patients in the comfort of their homes—all for 70 rupees or US $1.50 per consultation.

Jiva's TeleDoc Program seeks to:
  • Deliver low-cost diagnostic and prescription services to rural villages currently underserved by existing healthcare systems
  • Improve treatment of prevalent diseases in rural settings
  • Increase the workload capacity of doctors, enabling sustainable operations with unit-price reductions in the cost of services
  • Provide employment opportunities for rural villagers
  • Afford networked health-care recordkeeping and intake mechanisms to improve lifetime care for individuals and facilitate large-scale epidemiological analysis
  • Attain a positive cash flow in three years and generate revenues sufficient to fuel growth of the system by the end of the fourth year
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