Saturday, October 20, 2007

Design Challenge: Crutch purse, the LTDC version

You have a bad fall and all of sudden it becomes so awkward to carry your stuff (cell phone, wallet, laptop, way to many pens and notebooks, textbooks, mp3 player, charger). I am not even going to attempt to describe what our female audience carries but I understand it is often a study in complexity science.

So back the original problem---you're on the mend, and the way to carry your stuff is the Crutch Tote! I don't see room for textbooks, no biggie.

It's easy to see the same challenge apply to a head of household injured and now unable to carry the required items to work. I can live without my mp3 player and the rest of my junk for a few weeks, but if my daily livelihood depends on it, it stops being a matter of convenience.

So here's my challenge for readers who happen to be handy. Come up with a version of the Crutch Tote that addresses requirements for people on the mend who may have to carry items such as trade items, basic paperwork, medicines, and anything you think a citizen of the BOP may want to carry while they are on crutches. Affordable and sustainable design is paramount, as well as a strong sense of style. We'll see if we take it to the next level?

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