Monday, March 24, 2008

2008 NCIIA Annual Conference: Wrap up

3 : Hours in the ER before my DC flight due to Aerovax prototype airborne shrapnel landing in my left eye
7:30 : Scheduled departure from Logan to Dallas on Tuesday
5 : Number of liquid crystal displays on the Airtran Embraer Jet taking me to DC connection
1 : Number of check engine lights that rendered the LCDs useless and grounding the flight
2:30 : Arrival time into Dallas the next afternoonDespite the misadventures of travel, I left the 2008 NCIIA Conference wiser and humbled, having met an oustanding group of individuals and institutions working on fascinating products, educational strategies, and global challenges. I'm going to provide some detailed notes at the expanded Conferences and Lectures version of LTDC.

A quick preview:
  • Paul Polack on Design for the Other 90% (it's not just the museum exhibit, it's going to change the face of business and products for folks in emerging markets)
  • Sir Ken Robinson on creativity.
  • The Small Engines group from the Global Innovation Center in Energy, Health and Environment at Colorado State University (guys I need a link here).
  • Baylor University's efforts of transforming coconuts into Home Depot products
More after coffee break (Dallas has a severe deficit of Starbucks, though).


Joseph said...

a city isn't a city without good coffee downtown, INHO . . . SB doesn't count . . . don't know what that makes Dallas . . . maybe I missed something

max said...

Here's the link to the Small Engines website
Thanks to Khanjan for showing us the site